Pregnancy and postnatal Osteopathy

A safe and gentle form of Osteopathy that helps to restore normal function of the body’s systems, bones, ligaments, muscles, visceral organs, uterus, that have to deal with the strain of pregnancy. This allows the most common conditions of lower back pain and symphysis pubis to be treated well allowing mums an enjoyable pregnancy and safe birth.

Research has shown that the use of Osteopathic techniques can reduce lower back problems, decrease fluid retention, help to reduce time in labour and relieve complications that can be associated with it.

When I came to see Adam I was on my second pregnancy, the first was very hard and debilitating with intense pain with spd and lower back pain, so much so that I had to have crutches and really could not go out. It had started again even earlier with my second then I heard about his work. He helped me so much that I didn’t have pain and had a really good birth. What a difference compared to the first.