Experience the health benefits of osteopathy from the safety of your home!

The clinic has temporarily transferred services online, but I can still help patients via video consultation. My consultations will give you easy, practical steps to improve your physical and mental well-being.

I can provide a holistic health assessment and self-treatment plan to help you manage and reduce pain, discomfort and stress via personalised stretching, exercise and breathing which will improve your respiratory function and quality of life while at home.

For existing patients, I can provide video and telephone support to assist with the ongoing management of your condition. Also, we can work with methods such as breath work, which will help you to stimulate health and avoid dis-ease during this period.

For new patients I can use video to safely assess your body mechanics and provide a high level of expertise, guiding you towards your health goals.

Total health involves looking at the unity between body and mind including the skeleton, muscles, organs, circulation, digestion and breath. When all these areas come together no one area stagnates. This allows the body to work in unison so it can do its job, allowing blood and nerve supply to bring oxygen and nutrition to problematic areas.


Areas that I cover:

Respiratory function with breathing exercises Musclo-skeletal pain relief Stretching and exercises Posture Ergonomics of your new desk set up and life indoors Balance exercises Self manipulation Paediatric advice for babies on feeding/wind/unsettled behaviour



• Initial set up and assessment (New patients, 60 mins): £45.

• Video treatment (30 mins): £30.

• Email and booking: email: tideosteopathy@gmail.com Tel: 07804 254 299.

• Please get in touch if this is something that interests you or if you think it would be useful for your friends and loved ones.


Kindest regards,


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